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European Consortium

Our scientific studies, validated by world patents, are becoming a reference point for the international scientific community.

  • Proof of this is the important European Call, which has the fight against obesity at heart, in which we have been called to participate, alongside very important European research institutions and universities, which aims to "particular focus on the impact of plant-based bioactive compounds on the disease", in which our innovative formulations represent a focal point.

The overall objective of BMIO is to provide omic-blueprints of obesity which give an advanced understanding of the pathomechanisms and predispositions leading to or contributing to obesity, and that can be used to develop implementable research based recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes that combat obesity. To generate a better understanding of the pathomechanisms leading to obesity we focus on different omic-layers (genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and immunomics and metabolomics) and the interplay between them and lifestyle, behavior and socio-economic data, rather than considering these factors in isolation. As part of this, we have a particular focus on the impact of plant-based bioactive compounds on the disease. BMIO will deviate from other studies, which tend to examine factors contributing to obesity in isolation. 

In contrast, BMIO takes a holistic approach to link together:

 (i) the study of effects in in vitro cell systems 

(ii) in students (18-30 years old) via a diet intervention study

(iii) by analysing big data sets from BMIO and three historical and contemporary studies 

(iv) by studying lifestyle and psychological factors 

(v) and by studying responses to social innovation, including running pilots, that will lead to behavioural change. BMIO will generate a set of blue prints for understanding the mechanisms leading to obesity and a set of blue prints for controlling it.

Participating Entities