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Dott. Prof. Francesco Fabbiani

Chairman of the board of directors

Graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School Washington DC, USA, he graduated in Economics and Commerce from La Sapienza in Rome. He has held executive positions mainly as CFO in various multinational groups such as Exxon, Avon Cosmetics, Global Strategies Group, Manpower.

Since 2005, he has carried out interim management and business consultancy activities with transversal functional skills in small and medium-sized enterprises and in various product sectors, also dealing with business financial communication, brokerage of real estate transactions, business development, innovative start-ups and business internationalisation.

He developed his professional activity both in Italy and in various foreign countries, mainly USA. 

Dott. Gianguido Marino

Member of the board of directors

Graduated with honors in Economics and Commerce from the University of Bari; he holds an IPSOA Masters in Tax Law

He specializes in national and international taxation of industrial and financial companies, with particular reference to the problems of Transfer pricing and permanent establishment.

He is chairman of the board of statutory auditors in some companies that operate in the training, betting and wholesale trade sectors and has also held the position of expert in criminal-tax matters at the Court.

He carries out advertising activities on tax issues, publishing articles in tax magazines and newspapers and participating, as a speaker, in conferences and courses organized by the Higher School of Economics and Finance, by SDA Bocconi, by the American Chamber of Commerce, Ipsoa, Infor, Cegos and the professional associations.

He is a professor at the Master of Tax Law at the Faculty of Economics of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan.

P.I. Giovanni Casazza

Member of the board of directors

After earning a diploma in electrical engineering with an electronic specialization, he has taken on management roles in various companies in the management of electrical and electronic purchases; the construction of electrical panels; plc programming; plc programming; electromechanical assemblies; as well as in the management of production for electronic companies and quality control. He has collaborated and collaborates with designers for the realization of industrial automation projects.

He is co-inventor of patents on the subject of water.

Dr.ssa Tiziana Polimeno

Research & Development

After having been involved in healthy eating and developing innovative foods for many years, - one of her projects in the "gluten-free" confectionery sector was awarded as Best Practices in Expo2015 - she decided to take care of the "main nutrient". For some years she has been dedicating her research and study activities to water, which represents a real emergency. She and she inventor of patents in the field of functional foods.

Prof. Guglielmo Buonamici


Guglielmo Buonamicias well as boasting a long academic career at the Faculty of Agriculture in Pisa, was the founder and Director of the C.E.S.A.B. (European Center for Organic Agriculture Experimentation) is: - Specialist in food technologies - Specialist in tropical and subtropical agronomy Collaborates with the C.N.R. - Research Area of Pisa - Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology - on research in the novel food sector - nutraceutical foods, on functional food tests, studies on the bioactivity of phytocomplexes and related health expressions. He is the inventor and owner of numerous international patents in the functional food sector; He is the inventor of the first bio-weeding. He has held prestigious positions for private and public entities as well as a member of the ministerial commission for organic and environmentally friendly agriculture (Mipaf)

Dr. Sebastiano Stefano Giuseppe Bogoni


The co-founding member knows very well what kind of wear and tear an athlete's body is subjected to and what attention must be put in place - every day - to avoid both losing athletic performance and irreparably undermining one's health. What only athletes know and experience too often is the limitation caused by physical pain due to delayed onset muscle soreness, also known as DOMS "Through my own research, and what my teammates have done on their own, It has become clear to me that there is no tailor-made supplement for muscle regeneration and nutrition. There is an obvious gap in the market." This is why he is working on the patenting of substances that can help rebuild the thin contractile fibrils arranged longitudinally in the cytoplasm of the smooth and striated muscle cells, of which they constitute the basic structural units, called, in histology, Myofibril, all to obtain products dedicated to the reconstruction of muscle mass, created for athletes by an athlete.