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Who We Are

  • We have a great deal of experience in the study of the functional activities of food products. Nutraceuticals, and more generally the food-health relationship, are one of the research areas of our Company and one of the modern paradigms for the development of preventive approaches to the human health sector. Our patents are able to carry out healthy actions, through the addition of phytocomplexes of vegetable and biological origin, to every type of food.

Foods thus added can perform the following functions:

- Useful actions to promote correct cholesterol levels;

- Actions to contain triglycerides;

- Action to increase HDL values;

- Actions against free radicals (oxidizing agents);

- Protective action of the arteries and cardiovascular system;

- Anti-inflammatory action;

- Powerful antioxidant action;

- Slowing down the evolution of metabolic pathologies;

- Antithrombotic action;

- Immunostimulating action;

- Skin protection action (anti-wrinkle);

- Antisenile action;

- Scavenger action;

- Adaptogenic action;

- Hypoglycemic action;

- Antihypertensive action;

- Containment action of homocysteine.